Visit Your Favorite Scary Movie in Real Life

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Do you love scary movies? We do!

Take a spooky trip this Hallow-season to the scene of your favorite horror movie. There are a variety of scary movies that have been filmed around the world, but we’ve selected some of our favorites from Europe to share with you.


Hannibal (2001)

Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

Florence is a beautiful city but the Silence of the Lambs sequel, Hannibal, gave it a new perspective. With shooting locations throughout Florence, you can easily spend a day or two touring these sites. Fangirlquest does a great job at explaining the chilling stops throughout the Hannibal movie. Check it out here: Fangirlquest Hannibal.

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The Omen (1976)

All Saints Church England

Step onto the set of the movie, The Omen, as you tour London, England. Remember the scene where Robert Thorn learns that his son is a demon? You can walk that cobble stone path in Bishop Park and feel like you are standing beside Father Brennan as he tells Robert. Keep following in the steps of Father Brennan as you climb the steps to All Saints Fulham. This is where Father Brennan was stabbed by a lightning rod. Today, the church is lively. As you walk by you might hear a joyful choir or churchgoers wandering in. The Omen was also filmed in Rome for the exterior of the hospital, however, the interior is from Shepperton Studio in London, the same setting for The Mummy Returns.

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An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Black Mountains England

Backpacking across the North York Moors, two Americans end up in the hands of werewolves. Their journey began at a pub, called “The Slaughtered Lamb.” In reality, the pub is a cottage located in Crickadarn, just North of London. You can experience this pub and grab a bite to eat, just be sure to watch for werewolves. In the film, the two Americans are warned to stay on the road as they walk through the Moors, but they get distracted and wander off the path. Head to the Black Mountains and you’ll experience the chilling moments where the characters are attacked by werewolves in the Moors. Although you don’t have to stay on the main road, you may not want to wander too far… you never really know what’s out there.

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show  (1975)

Oakley Court Hotel

Built in 1859, Oakley Court was one of the main filming locations for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. As Brad and Janet are stranded with a flat tire, they discover this beautiful castle and are transported into a different world. In a panic, the pair goes from room to room in the Oakley Court. With it’s haunting look, the Court was also used for filming Dracula! Today, the Oakley Court is a hotel located on the River Thames, near the Windsor Castle.

Visit the filming of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Dracula in-person, with a trip to the lovely town of Windsor.

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The Wicker Man (1973)

Isle of Skye in Scotland

If you’re looking to visit the filming locations for The Wicker Man, you’re going to need a rental car to drive around the beautiful country of Scotland. While there are numerous locations in Scotland used for the filming of this movie, we are going to touch on our four favorites. First stop, Isle of Skye in Northern Scotland. Skye was used for most of the aerial footage for the film. It’s stunning landscapes give you breathtaking and chilling views. While you are in the North, be sure to stop by Plockton. Do you remember Sergeant Howie flying in his seaplane? You can walk this path and see the Harbour Master’s house, which he lands his seaplane near. Head down the causeway and experience the same street views Howie does, as he walks from Rhu to Harbour Street. At the end of the walk, you’ll find a waterfront beer garden to enjoy a drink at!

Next up, Ellangowan Hotel in Southern Scotland. This location was used for the indoor shots of Green Man pub. Continue down the road to Creetown’s old bakery, where there was, in the film, a scene about a surprise in a bakery! Today, the bakery is still functional. Final stop, Galloway, where you’ll find scenes from both the school year and graveyard. You just have to be brave enough to head to Anwoth Old Kirk.

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Don’t Look Now (1973)

Venice Bridge in Italy

Don’t Look Now was filmed in a few different countries, but the bulk of the movie was shot in Venice, Italy. Do you remember when the Baxters met up with two sisters? Or when Laura faints? This all took place in Ristorante Roma, along the Canal Grande. San Lazzardo de Mendicanti was the church used for the scene where Laura is praying. John was restoring a different church, San Nicolo dei Medicoli. While John restored a stunning mosaic in the film, in reality it was a prop and isn’t in either of these churches.

During the Baxters’ stay, Hotel Gabrielli was used for all exterior and lobby shots, while Bauer Hotel was used for their room.

As you wander the canals you are bound to see similarities. For example, when John walks Piazza San Marco and Santa maria dei Miracoli in the film, you will feel like you are experiencing the film first-hand. These are only a few of the filming locations used throughout Don’t Look Now, and anyone who loves this movie should check out this interactive google map for more filming locations.

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Suspiria (1977)

Munich Germany

Suspiria was filmed around Munich, Germany, and you can go see first-hand many of the locations! One scene shows Suzy arriving in Germany at the Munich-Riem Airport, which unfortunately isn’t operational today.

Beer halls are huge in Munich and even musicians enjoy a good beverage. When Daniel was exiting a beer hall, he was actually exiting the Hofbrauhaus! Be sure to add this to your must-see destinations while you’re here. Not only is it used in this movie, but it’s also a beer hall. Dating back to the 16th century, this three story hall won’t disappoint.

Suzy sat down to meet with Dr. Frank Mandel, and in the background is the stunning BMW Museum and Towers. If you go, you’ll feel like you are experiencing the scene yourself. .

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