The Ultimate Abandoned Places Around the World

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Vacations can be whatever you want them to be. Some people prefer to relax on a beach, others like to go on adventures and some enjoy vacations that incorporate education, eco-friendly aspects or volunteering. Basically, there’s something for everyone. If you’re the type that loves to get creeped out, there are vacations for you too! The next time you want your heart thumping, you don’t need to enter some fictional world of a horror movie or a haunted house. Real life can be just as creepy! Think about a trip that gets your adrenaline surging. Check out these abandoned places around the world.

Craco, Italy - Must Visit Abandoned Cities

See a Real Piece of History in Italy

If you visit the area of Craco, Italy, you’ll discover a place with history going back as far as 1000 AD. A place so old can definitely have a certain energy and creepiness about it. This town grew over time but its natural environment didn’t support it. Its hilltop situation was unstable from the slope and landslides, leading to the structures in this area being left and neglected since the 1990s. While it wasn’t abandoned all that long ago, it’s been long enough for the world of humans to be completely gone. The eeriness of neglect and wild nature has completely engulfed this village.

Poland Abandoned Castle - Abandoned Places Around the World

Discover the Aftereffects of Royalty Ending

What is once a palace of grandeur for a royal family can become a supreme living space for animals and nature instead. Experience this in person with a visit to the Polish Royalty palace in Poland. During your visit, you’ll see signs of the amazing architecture and splendor that once reigned in this spot, which was crafted in 1910. Then you’ll see the finished product after communist rule and the toppling of the USSR.

Before being abandoned this palace housed an agricultural school, a center for mentally handicapped adults and a home for children with “disturbing behavior”. Trust us there is no shortage of eeriness in this palace. Today it’s been long abandoned, creating a supremely frightening site for thrill seekers to visit. Even the intricate gate that lets you in the site, which once probably spoke of luxury and privacy, now seems like the entrance to a horror story’s mental asylum that might close behind you and keep you locked inside.

St Etienne le Vieux in France

Be Mesmerized by the Blend of Nature and Architecture in This French Cathedral

While France is a great spot for visiting the stunning architectural and spiritual splendor of ancient churches and cathedrals, it’s also a prime spot for a superbly creepy cathedral. St. Etienne Church in St. Etienne, France is worth going out of the way to visit if you like a good fright. What was once the spot of church pews and worship has now been overrun by soil, plants and even the wonder of a moving stream over rocks. A spot where humans once dwelled was molded and claimed by the natural world, creating a certain creepiness at the lost world that was once contained on this site. At the same time, there’s something surprisingly peaceful and beautiful about the natural world being found within the interior of a grand cathedral.

While you’re in France on your mysterious sight-seeing adventure of mysterious abandoned places, you might want to head to Chemin de fer de Petite Ceinture. This is an old rail line that once supported trains during the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. The “little belt railway” was no longer needed and left to rot. What happened instead was that it became beautiful with creeping plants and vibrant wildflowers. But don’t worry, it’s not so beautiful that you won’t be nervous when you’re there. It’s easy to wonder if a ghost train might make its way out of the tunnel while you’re staring at the darkness within.

Floating Forest in Sydney, Australia - Ultimate Abandoned Places around the world

Wander a Deserted and Overgrown Ship Still in the Water

If you love the idea of pirates and old-world ships, you’ll love visiting the Floating Forest on Homebush Bay in Sydney, Australia. A host of 1900s ships made this bay their grave site, creating a creepy feeling of the history contained within them. But the reason this spot is called the Floating Forest is because it contains the ship SS Ayrfield, which is over a hundred years old and filled with tall mangrove trees. They thrive with greenery, just floating on the water within the ship. It’s eerie to see this deserted ship and the way Mother Nature has made it her own.

Abandoned bobsled track - Abandoned Places around the world

Live Out Your Abandoned Theme Park Fantasy

You’re probably the type who loves haunted houses and movies that feature serial killers wandering deserted amusement parks. Well you’re in luck because you have the chance to visit this type of spot in real life! There the numerous sights like this around Europe, so take your pick.

Try Spreepark in Berlin, Germany, which lived from 1969 to 2001. The rides themselves feature nerve-wracking architecture, which becomes much more haunting with its worn-down look and looming forest backdrop. Spreepark was once a thriving dinosaur theme park, complete with lifesize replicas of Tyrannosaurus’ and roller coasters leading straight to the mouth of these beasts. Today you can walk the park nearby and catch a view of the structures that haven’t been removed or try and catch a weekend tour inside the park.

Looking for a little more mystery and shock? Try Dadipark in Belgium. A once thriving amusement park shut down in 2002 when a boy is said to have lost his arm on the Nautic Jet water ride. Shortly after visitors started to decline and eventually the park closed for renovations, but never reopened. Today this theme park is covered in grafitti, abandoned rides, green swampy water and an allure of wonder. Sometimes you’ll find the gates wide open with locals walking their dog, but not always. Approach this empty park with caution… you never know what you might find.

While it’s not quite an amusement park, the Sarajevo Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina is close enough. While countries pour money into structures to host the Olympic Games, these structures often become abandoned when the games have concluded. That’s what happened to this track, which is now broken down, painted with graffiti and winding through wild nature.

Ross Island in India

Explore Abandoned Historic Spots in India

India houses some awesome spots for adventure and thrills. You could head to Dhanushkodi on Pamban Island, which is just a short trip from Sri Lanka. This town has exceedingly old structures in an area considered special within the Hindu religion. The place was deserted after a cyclone ravaged it in the 1960s, leading to the broken-down structures you’ll see today. These spots have been taken over by decay and sand, but the magnificence and wonder of the original site still stands. It will leave you wondering what the place must have been.

Another awe-inspiring site in India is Ross Island within the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. This island holds a lot of military history both for the British and the Japanese. It was also a penal settlement for almost a century, giving it added creepiness. Since an earthquake destroyed the site in 1941, the old structures have been left abandoned and dilapidated. Today, the Indian Navy oversees this abandoned island. You’ll discover an abandoned church and buildings that are decaying and being slowly claimed by trees and vines.

Visit a Left-Behind Tourist Destination in Argentina

If you want to head to South America, check out Villa Epecuen in Buenos Aires Province in Argentina. You’ll see a site that was once a tourist hotspot from the 1920s to the 1980s. In it’s most popular season 5,000 tourists at a time would come to relax in the healing salt waters. For locals and tourists this was a place to cure their diabetes, depression, cancer and anything else. In 1985, water put its claim on the spot when the lake’s dam failed and flooded the entire village. It wasn’t until 2009 the water receeded and an abandoned town was left. Ever since it’s been the town has been left empty and deemed never to be rebuilt. It’s perfect for all thrill seekers and history buffs.

If you like a good fright, think about visiting these mysterious abandoned places and many others like them. These sites will raise goose bumps and keep you wondering if someone is still lingering there today!

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