Take a Dip in the Most Unusual Baths Around the World

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If you enjoy lazy evenings in the hot tub, then going to a bath is right up your alley. No, we aren’t talking about taking a bath, as in getting in a washing your hair! Baths are an ancient tradition involving taking a public dip, being social and indulging in relaxation. For your next vacation consider going to a city that is home to one of the most unusual baths around the world. Better yet, get your feet wet with this list of top picks for unorthodox and unexpected baths that are open to the public.

Beer Spa in Europe - Unusual Baths Around the World
Photo from Beer Bernard in Czech Republic

Beer Spas

Take a dip in a bath filled with yeast, hops and other natural ingredients! Spend some time relaxing and letting go of all your worries while you soak in beer. You’ll leave with open pores, increased circulation and rejuvenated skin. For best results don’t shower for 12 hours after your bath. Trust us these beer spas are great for a number of different reasons! Next time you are looking for a unique bathing experience try one of these.

Bernard Beer Spa in Prague, Czech Republic

After a day of wandering Prague you’ll be ready to relax at the Bernard Beer Spa. Offering a relaxing beer experience with the perk of unlimited fills while you bathe. Bernard is different from other beer spas because it uses traditional brewing techniques to keep the quality, taste and aroma preserved. After your bath you’ll leave with a bottle of Beer Bernard with the historical seal and certificate of completion! For those looking to add even more benefits to their spa experience try their salt cave.

Bjorbodin Spa in Arskogssandur, Iceland

Newly opened in 2017, the Bjorbodin Spa in Iceland is actually a part of Kaldi brewery, which is the oldest microbrewery in operation in Iceland. Since you can’t guzzle the bath water there is no age limit, but soakers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. The bath water isn’t actually brewed beer either, but rather a brew of hops, yeast, beer and water. For those over 20, the legal drinking age in Iceland, there is the option of drinking a private draught beer that comes with a bath. Each bath tub holds a pair of bathers, making it the perfect way to relax with that special someone. When you are through with the bath head on over to the on-site restaurant for a bite to eat.

Unusual Baths Around the World - Coffee Bath in Japan
Photo from Yunessun Spa Resort

Yunessun Spa Resort Near Tokyo, Japan

Step into something a little different at Yunessun Spa Resort, a Japanese bath theme park. You can choose from wine, coffee, sake, green tea or simply a breath-taking outdoor bath. Yunessun Spa Resort isn’t just for adults, there are a number of indoor and outdoor pool areas where children can play and adults can relax, so bring the whole family!

  • Wine Bath – Relax in a deep red wine that helps protect your skin from environmental damage. Filled daily this fresh bath is perfect for wine lovers, plus you can have a glass.. or two while you relax.
  • Green Tea Bath – Green tea offers so many benefits when you drink it, so it makes sense that you could also bathe in it. While you bathe your skin will absorb all the antioxidants to help protect your cells and keep your skin looking youthful. Maybe this is the fountain of youth!
  • Coffee Bath – Brewed from natural nearby hot springs the coffee bath will help reduce skin puffiness and wake you up.
  • Sake Bath – Keep your skin looking younger and reduce sun spots with a relaxing sit in the sake bath.

El Totumo Mud Bath in Colombia

Volcan del Totumo in Santa Catalina, Colombia

Now, here’s a unique experience for a bath. How would you like to come out of a bath dirtier than you were when you went in? That’s exactly what will happen when you dip yourself in the volcanic mud baths at El Totumo in Colombia. First of all, El Totumo is a volcano, and when you go bathing here you are laying in the crater of this volcano. If that isn’t interesting enough for you, the bath itself is filled with volcanic mud that is as gray as wet concrete. But rather than making your skin hard and impenetrable, the mud from the volcano is believed to relax and rejuvenate. While in the mud you’ll float like a duck and feel like you’re soaking in melted chocolate. Massages are part of the experience, and these certainly help you feel most comforted in the depths of this volcanic crater. Of course, you’ll need to get another bath just to clear yourself of the super slick volcanic mud.

Termas Geometricas in Chile

Termas Geométricas in Pucon, Chile

Waterfalls, check. Outdoor fire pits, check. Bubbling pools of bath water, check. If these three things are on your must-do bath list, check yourself on over to Pucon, Chile for the Termas Geometricas. The baths here in the Los Rios Region are surrounded by forests that nestle 20 individual baths in the woodland scenery. Each of the baths are separated using concrete so that you have more personal space and privacy. Additionally, some of the baths are warmer than others, while certain baths are best for the elderly and children. The waters are pure thermal hot water sprinkled by Mother Nature’s rains and snow for an added freshness. To get to these baths, among one of the biggest natural hot springs in the world, you are welcomed down a wooden walkway. Along with the baths are two waterfalls where you can cool your body, as well as an outdoor fire pit for getting dry after your bath experience.

Pamukkale Thermal Hot Spring at Sunset

Pamukkale in Turkey

Translated to Cotton Castle these thermal hot springs are a must visit for anyone visiting Turkey who loves spas and the great outdoors. These stunning cliffs are formed by hot calcium rich waters which leave behind a stunning white limestone. Although their 17 tiers aren’t made from cotton they do offer a number of health benefits, some even say these baths cure all ailments! While you are here take time to relax in the turquoise waters and walk around to enjoy the stunning views. While you soak you’ll enjoy views that are Instagram worthy, so be sure to snap a few pictures. To avoid crowds it’s best to visit during the fall or winter when the weather is chilly but the water is still hot. Temperatures stay a toasty 90+ degrees Fahrenheit year-round so don’t be scared to visit during the winter.

Roman Baths in Bath, England

Roman Baths in Bath, UK

An entire city in England was built around baths, the Roman Baths to be exact. If you are ready to jump headfirst into the history of public baths, then Bath, Somerset in the UK is the place to visit. Considered one of the most historical experiences of Northern Europe, the Roman Baths of England offer more than just warm water. In addition to walking through the grounds of the most historically notable baths on the planet, you are also submersed in bath culture. Culturally accurate costumed performers walk around the Roman Baths, creating a living museum where you can see how the baths functioned socially 2,000 years ago. Whether it’s a Roman soldier or Gaius Calpernius Receptus, a famous priest in Roman times, you meet all kinds of historical characters. There’s even the Roman Baths Kitchen along with the Pump Room Restaurant for when your whistle gets a little dry after a day’s tour.

Bathing Meets No Bounds

In this day and age, you can find a bath to meet every taste bud and budget. Hopefully we have included several baths that do the trick for your next vacation. Whether you go with wine, beer, or hot springs, indulge your senses at one of the most unusual baths around the world.

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