The Ultimate Hidden Swimming Holes Found Around the World

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Isn’t it amazing to enter a hidden swimming hole that almost seems undiscovered to the public? If you’ve never done it, then you need to add this activity to your travel bucket list! Some amazing spots exist around the world that offer pristine waters for swimming and the wonder of the natural environment. They’re the perfect destination for adventurers and for travelers who enjoy a relaxing vacation spot. To help every traveler have this experience at least once in their lifetime, we created this list of amazing and hidden swimming holes found around the world.

Choose Chato Volcano in Costa Rica

Chato Volcano - Swimming Holes Around the World

Head to Chato Volcano, or Cerro Chato, in the Alajuela province of northwestern Costa Rica for an exciting swimming experience. This inactive volcano, which is part of the Cordillera de Guanacaste mountain range, has less tourist active than nearby Arenal volcano. You’ll have to do some hiking and pay an $8-12 fee per person, to visit this private area, but it’s worth it! Once you reach the water, you’ll be swimming directly in a volcanic crater. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a great story to tell. The crater lake is an interesting green color and surrounded by lush jungle. A bonus of this trip is that you’ll enjoy other awesome outdoor adventures in the process, including spending time in the Costa Rican jungle, seeing a gorgeous waterfall and visiting a volcano.

Find a Hidden Spot in South Africa

Preekstoel Beach in West Coast National Park of South Africa offers stunning large rocks sitting on the deserted beach. From there, you can swim in the vast and peaceful lagoon that’s full of sparkling blue water. If you visit in August or September, you could even spot a whale.

Explore the Fairy Pools of Scotland

Hidden swimming holes - Fairy Pools in Scotland

While Scotland gives you the chance to explore nature in general, it also provides a special hidden swimming hole in a natural environment: the Fairy Pools. Even the name creates some excitement. These pools are located in Glen Brittle on the Isle of Skye, and they offer wonderfully translucent waters to swim in. The area has different pools to choose from, helping you find one without as many swimmers, so you can delight in the natural world. Part of the excitement of this swimming spot is that the water is crisply cold, which can wake up your senses if you don’t mind a dip. Nonetheless, those who aren’t quite as brave can still enjoy the views. To visit this spot, you’ll need to walk about 20 minutes to reach the beginning of the pools. It’s a medium difficulty walk and provides stunning views of the countryside.

Go Back in Time in Italy

A trip to Italy isn’t complete without a trip to Grotta della Poesia. This swimming spot was created when a cavern fell in, and it features a limestone pool that is filled with vivid turquoise water. While here, you can also catch the picturesque view of the Adriatic Sea and the archaeological wonder of inscriptions in dead languages.

Swim in a Pool by the Sea in Greece

Giola Greece - Hidden Swimming Holes

On Thassos Island of the North Aegean Islands in Greece, you have the chance to swim in a stunning natural lagoon of Giola. This small pool is hidden in a nook, providing a spot that seems like an untouched treasure! The water is green and translucent, and the pool offers a relaxing experience instead of swimming in the sea. This natural lagoon is quite small and shallow, so it’s better for sitting than swimming. It gives the perfect opportunity to simply relax with an amazing backdrop. Keep in mind that you’ll need to hike to this spot and that it’s best to wear sturdy shoes that can handle the angular rock.

Head Into the Wild of Rio Verde in Spain

In the Sierra Nevada of Spain, northeast of Malaga, you’ll find a natural area that will help you unwind from everyday life. It features a gorge with a river pool, surrounded by gorgeous rocks and wild plants. The brave can jump from a ledge into the water.

Spend Time Under Seven Waterfalls in Thailand

Erawan Waterfall - Hidden Swimming Holes

In western Thailand, you get the chance to lose yourself in the trees, where you’ll find Erawan Waterfall, a spot that holds seven tiers of waterfalls spilling down a rock formation. The name comes from Hindu beliefs, standing for a three-headed elephant. The water features a beautiful green hue and is surrounded by a gorgeous forest. In one part of the waterfalls, you’re able to stand on rocks to have the rushing water flow down on you. This gorgeous spot features various swimming ponds, so you can swim as long as you’d like – as long as you don’t mind the fish — while listening to the relaxing flow of the water. This destination is part of Erawan National Park, which also includes caves with stalactites, stalagmites and rock paintings. Since the park is so large, you can enjoy peaceful time in nature without feeling overwhelmed by tourists.

Venture to the Canary Islands of Spain

On the Canary Islands of Spain, you can have a rejuvenating experience in one of the natural pools that are wonderfully gentle with translucent blue water. Check out Puertito de Lobos, you’ll need a boat to reach it, but it’s worth it!

Swim Within Gorgeous Caves in Brazil

Blue Well - Hidden Swimming Hole in Brazil

If it’s your goal to visit some hidden swimming holes around the world then you must visit Chapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia, Brazil. This park features pools in caverns and caves that make you feel like you’ve ventured deep into the earth. Truly an area of natural wonder, this national park has the Blue Well, Poco Azul, which glistens with blue water within an amazing cave. Don’t miss the chance to swim and explore within this cave! Amazing treasures have been found here before, including a Megatherium skeleton and the bones of many other extinct creatures. There are even cavern waterfalls that trickle down over the stunning rock formations. Within the caverns, the rocks have formed into beautiful shapes that are just as much of a sight to see as the water. When you are ready to take a break from swimming, explore caves filled with stalagmites.

Visit Volcanic Pools in the Galapagos Islands

Off the coast of Ecuador, catch Las Grietas of the Galapagos Islands. You’ll relax in swimming holes found within hardened lava crevices. Take your pick of the salt water swimming holes in one section of this spot or the fresh water ones in another.

Looking for a natural adventure that’s hidden away from society? You won’t find many that are better than exploring these hidden swimming holes.

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