Legends, Crypts, Ghost and More on These Haunting European Tours

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Is there a spirit out there? Spirit, this is a safe place. Spirit, we want to share your story with the world and those who love to travel.
From late night stories by the campfire to horror movies in the basement, many people are fascinated with life beyond the dead. There are many ways to learn about the supernatural world and the ghosts around you, and traveling can give you a new look on these lives. If you are someone who enjoys watching scary movies, calling to the spirits, and looks to discover the world, we’ve got the perfect European haunted tours for you!

Legends & Ghosts of Venice

Venice, Italy Ghost Hunting Tour

A legend and ghost hunting walking tour is perfect for lovers of mystery, romance, and everything spooky. Just as the sun sets, you’ll walk through Venice’s oldest passageways across sleepy canals and into ancient cemeteries. Throughout the tour your guide will enlighten you on various haunting tales of Sea Monsters and Venetians, and you’ll explore one of the few remaining secret passageways in Venice.

Jack the Ripper & Haunted London on a Vintage Bus

London, England Ghost Hunting Tour

Experience London from a whole new perspective, and learn about the most famous hauntings and murders on this tour. Hop on the vintage 1950’s double-decker bus where you will begin by hearing the eerie tales of those buried at Westminster Abbey and visit the location where Charles I was beheaded. As the night goes on, you’ll visit other ghostly locations including Old Bailey, where many people were hanged, Royal London Hospital, home to Elephant Man, and Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop, to learn about her special fillings. Walk closely to your guide at Smithfield Market, because this abandoned market holds many terrifying tales of events that took place here. Your tour will conclude by following the murderous trail of Jack the Ripper through the cobblestone streets of East London.

Walking Ghost Tour of Edinburgh

Edinbrugh, Scotland Ghost Tours

Hear the haunting tales of murder and mystery on this ghostly tour of royal palaces, churches and castles. Start this tour aboard a vintage double-decker bus, where your guide will enlighten you on the chilling tales of two gravediggers and the increasing witch hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries. Listen to the supernatural stories of Edinburgh’s most famous landmarks as you pass Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, and Greyfriars Kirk. Your final stop will be Grassmarket, where you’ll learn it’s bloody history as an execution site for many traitors and disrupters.

Rome Catacombs

Rome, Italy Catacomb Ghost Tour

Head underground to visit the crypts and catacombs of Rome. Start by visiting the tomb of nine Popes dating back to the third century. You’ll be happy your expert guide knows how to find the exit as you wander the underground tunnels to find your next stop, Basilica of San Clemente. This ancient structure sites on nearly two millennia of foundations, including a cult temple and ruins dating back to 64 AD. Your tour will finish in the Capuchin Crypt, Bone Chapel. This Crypt is made of nearly 4,000 bones of their monk brothers to decorate the walls and ceilings. Take a walk around the grave to see skulls, crossbones, chandeliers and skeletons upclose.

Kutna Hora Tour in Prague

Prague Ghost Hunting Tour

Venture outside of Prague to visit the historic Kutna Hora region. As you wander, you’ll experience the gothic architecture of St Barbara’s Cathedral, learn about the mines, and see several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You’ll end your tour in the much anticipated Sedlec Ossuary, the bone church with over 40,000 skeletons. Take a good look around as you wander the church and you’ll see that everything inside is made from skeletons, including the chandeliers.


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