What to Pack for Your Next International Vacation

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Don’t get caught sitting on the plane wondering if you remembered to pack your toothbrush! Use this handy checklist we’ve created, as a guide, to help you pack for your next international vacation.

Whether you are traveling to relax on the beach, hike mountains, see the sights, or dance the night away we’ve got packing suggestions for you. Our checklist covers everything from documents and clothing to chargers and medication; just remember you might not need everything on this list. Use your best judgement on which items to pack, although we highly recommend you pack that deodorant and toothbrush. Your travel partner(s) will thank you!

Packing Checklist

Go-today travel packing list

Download the checklist here.

Get organized with our favorite to-do list apps.

Evernote – A notebook that follows you everywhere and is useful for more than just checklists. Evernote allows you to have your notes, reminders, checklists anywhere you go on your phone, desktop and tablet. Use this app to create a packing list for your vacation then check the items off as you go. Be sure to share this note with anyone you’re traveling with so they have all packing list items too.

Google Keep – Android users will love this app. Google makes it easy to share lists, notes and ideas with friends and family with Google Keep. Use this app to develop a list of what needs to be done before you leave, and share it with your travel partners. Then create your packing list and check items off as you pack everything up. You’re sure to be organized with this handy app that follows you from your mobile to desktop.

Wunderlist – Go beyond just sharing your list with someone, assign them a reminder so they don’t forget! Wunderlist allows you to share a list and send reminders so you won’t forget to pack your straightener, and your travel partner won’t forget their swimsuit.


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