10 Creative Travel Photo Ideas

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One of the main components of any trip is snapping photos – but what do you do with them all when you get home? Here are some creative ideas.

  • No need to buy postcards and stamps on your next vacation. Simply upload a photo from your digital camera to a site like Snapfish, write your message, and the company will stamp and ship them for you.
  • Make your photos into coasters and throw a party with your vacation as a theme. Create a party game where you write trivia about your trip on the back of the coasters and the answers on the rest of the coasters. Have your guests find their matching question or answer.
  • Turn your photos into a personalized calendar, so you can relive your getaway as you turn the page on each month.
  • Make your photos made into tree ornaments. Hang your German vacation photos next to tiny nutcrackers and gingerbread cookies, or tie your photos of Scotland with tartan ribbon.
  • Buy a digital frame that rotates photos of your recent trip. You’ll feel like you’re still on vacation whenever you look at it!
  • Print out a vacation photo and attach a favorite recipe from that country to hand out at potlucks.
  • Have one of your photos made into a jigsaw puzzle.
  • Create a snow globe using photos from a winter vacation to a snowy destination like Switzerland or Norway.
  • Use photo transfer sheets to transfer your best pictures onto fabric, then use it to create a journey quilt.
  • Turn your photos into refrigerator magnets. Sure, you can buy these almost anywhere you visit, but why buy what you can create yourself? You can find magnetic sheets at a craft store, including the kind that lets you print directly onto them. To add dimension, glue a glass gem onto the photo and then affix the magnet to the back.

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