International Budget Vacations You Need to Take

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When most people think of inexpensive vacations, they think of staying close to home to keep the costs down. However, one’s own backyard can only hold so many wonders. Taking affordable vacations overseas can be completely within your budget—that is, if you know which destinations to choose and how to plan for your stay there. Here are some exotic, historic, and adventurous locations to ponder before you hit the road on a budget.


Europe is rarely seen as a friend to your wallet, but if you do your homework, you can experience the rich history and culture of some of the most popular areas of continent quite affordably. Here are some to consider:


Italy is the land of art, ancient history, and, of course, delectable food and wine. Because it’s such vibrant country, it’s not usually the first place that comes to mind when choosing a budget vacation destination. We’re here to change that thinking! The key to an affordable—and fabulous—Italian adventure is to hit the highlights, rather than trying to see and do it all. Venice, Rome, and Florence provide all give you a great glimpse of Italian culture, from the passion of the religious sector to artistic Tuscany and the romance of the Floating City. To see all of these cities in one convenient and affordable trip, consider our Best of Italy package.


France is the destination of choice for those who love fashion and fine food. Your best bet for seeing the country on a budget is by staying in Paris. You’ll experience the quintessential French culture and have the opportunity to take some day trips, without extensive travel costs, if you stick to one home base. A visit to Paris lets you rise to the top of the Eiffel Tower, cruise along the Seine, or take in the wonders at the Louvre. Allow us to suggest our  Paris at its Best package to help get you off on your adventure!


Whether you’re after the bustle of London or the idyllic landscapes of the Lake District, England won’t let you down! This is a country where between the history, architecture, and knee-weakening nature, you’re going to want the freedom to explore. Spend your time touring Buckingham Palace, or spend a few days in the pastoral wonderland that is Yorkshire. Our England Fly & Drive package is a choice for this, as it provides round-trip airfare and a rental car with unlimited mileage, all for a very little investment.


Ireland is a land of contrasts. Castles are scattered throughout the coast and countryside, yet Dublin boasts vibrant literary and nightlife scenes. The country’s deep green hills beckon travelers to search for their own pots of gold, and the legendary hospitality of the Irish people makes visitors feel welcome no matter where they are. And you don’t need good luck to travel to Ireland affordably! All you need is our Amazing Ireland Self-Drive package, which even lets you sleep in an real Irish castle!


Have you ever dipped your feet in a geothermal pool alongside a black sand beach? Do you long to lie beneath the mystical ribbons of the Northern Lights? A getaway to Iceland will help you do these things and more, and for less than you probably think. And after you enjoy the spectacular scenery of this Nordic country, you can spend some time in urban Reykjavik, kicking back with some traditional Icelandic cuisine or exploring the fantastic museums. Our Iceland Getaway helps you experience it all!

The Americas

Whether you’re looking to spend your vacation lounging on a tropical beach in Costa Rica or exploring ancient Incan ruins in Peru, we’ll help you get there in no time—and in a manner that’s friendly on the ol’ pocketbook.


Chile embraces what South America is all about, and Santiago, its capital, is at the heart of it all. Filled with breathtaking architecture (both modern and historic) and a laid-back atmosphere, Santiago is one of those destinations that hooks you from the moment your plane touches down. Whether you’re wandering through the iconic Church of San Francisco or tasting the exotic ice cream of Emporio La Rosa, this is one captivating city. Choose our Santiago and Wine Country package to see Chile more affordably than you might expect.


Peru is unique among South American countries, with a distinctive culture that you simple must experience. Lima, the City of Kings, is an ideal place to get a true taste of this culture. Here you can shop for everything from alpaca sweaters to fine art at one of the many markets, lounge on a cliff overlooking the sea, or tour a historic mansion. And the nightlife? Distinctly Latin. Check out our Lima Escape to see how Peru should be among your choices for your next inexpensive vacation.

Costa Rica

If you’re in the market for a tropical vacation, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better destination than Costa Rica. Here you can lounge on palm-lined beaches all afternoon, then head into the city to to experience its nightlife offerings. Be sure to discover the flora and fauna in Manuel Antonio National Park, where you just might spot a dolphin or coatimundi in its natural habitat! Our  Costa Rican Beach Escape makes this relaxing dream a reality for much less than you might think.


Distinctive aromas of incense waft through the streets, while colorful clothing beckons from shops on every corner. This is Asia, and it’s a great way to get a big bang for your vacation buck.


Japan is an incredible destination with a unique blend of traditional culture and modern technology. Among the vast wonders of the country is the pulsing city of Tokyo, which embraces both cultural traditions and the influences of modern life with its ski-high buildings nestled alongside ancient Buddhist temples. You can inhale the scents of fresh flowers at the world-famous botanical gardens, or spend your vacation shopping along the bustling neon thoroughfares. Start your adventure today with our Tokyo Escape!


Ride on the back of a camel with skyscrapers soaring behind you. Tour a traditional Arabic farm. Shop at the Mall of the Emirates. Try your hand at skiing in the desert. Take in the sights from the top of the world’s tallest building. In Dubai, if you can imagine it, you can probably do it. Get started now with our Dubai at Its Best package!


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