Common Travel Myths and Why They’re Wrong

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What is keeping you from enjoying that international vacation you’ve been dreaming of? Perhaps you have fallen victim to some common travel myths that have stopped you from booking the trip. Don’t let these myths hold you back. Start planning your dream vacation today.

MYTH: Traveling is expensive.

Common Travel Myth: Travel is expensive

Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive! Yes, it’s going to cost you money but you can travel the world on a tight budget and still have an incredible time. Many people don’t have a set destination in mind and just want to see the world. If this is you, consider checking out the currency exchange rates and compare it with the country you want to visit. Research the locations you want to visit and affordable accommodations you can stay at. By setting your budget and shopping around, you can travel without breaking the bank.

Also keep in mind, pricing for airfare and hotel accommodations can be up to 40% less expensive in the off-season (November-March) than peak-season (May-September). While the temperatures may be a bit chillier, the crowds will be less and you’ll be able to keep more money in your pocket.

Insiders tip: When looking for dinner ask around, find out where the locals eat. Not only will you probably save money you’ll also get authentic local cuisine.

MYTH: Traveling isn’t safe.

Common Travel Myth: It isn't safe

The world is full of friendly people and cultures looking to welcome visitors. There are always going to be some trouble spots, but your hometown probably does too. When traveling, trust your instincts and use common sense. This will help keep you safe.

MYTH: Traveling is dangerous for women.

Common travel myth: Females shouldn't travel alone

Every day, millions of women travel the world and do so alone. Actually more women than ever, are finding the beauty of traveling alone and loving it. Avoiding uncomfortable situations and trusting your instincts (just like you do at home) are the best bet for a safe solo trip. If you feel lonely, go on a sightseeing tour or join up with other travelers; these are great ways to meet new people and see the places you are visiting.

MYTH: You can’t travel when you have a family.

Common Travel Myth: You can't travel with a family

It may seem like the only people who are traveling are young or the retired, but that just isn’t true. Traveling with your family is a great way to make a lifetime of memories, and give your children the chance to experience the world and all of its wonders while they are still young. In fact, the years when you have young kids can actually be some of the most rewarding in which to travel. Traveling while your children are young gives them the opportunity to experience and learn about new cultures by being exposed to them first hand. They’ll have a chance to speak the language, savor the food and learn about the history of the area.

MYTH: I don’t have enough time.

Common Travel Myth: Not Enough Time

Most American’s don’t use all their allotted vacation time, so don’t let yours go to waste. Even a 3-night getaway can make you feel refreshed and ready to take on the workweek. You can make your vacation as long or as short as you want. Consider this, you could spend the weekend at home or take one extra day off work and spend your weekend exploring Iceland or Costa Rica. You can also plan a 2 week-long adventure to explore some of the world’s greatest cities.

Planning your vacation can take time too, but there are sites like to help you plan. Vacation planning sites will help you find the right hotels, flights and tours to make the most of your planning time and time away.

MYTH: I should only trust the guidebook.

Common Travel Myth: Always Trust the Guidebook

A guidebook can be a great tool to help you explore a new place, giving you a starting point for your exploration, but remember that guidebooks are often outdated. Instead, consider talking to the staff at your hotel. These professionals know the area well and can point you in the right direction for finding the best local cuisine or sightseeing you must checkout. You can also follow a blog that will help you unravel the wonders of your location. Don’t ditch the guidebook, but use all of the resources at your disposal to ensure you’re getting a clear picture of the location and its wonders.

MYTH: Off-season travel will mean missing out.

Common Travel Myth: Off - Season Travel isn't worth it

Off-season travel means missing out on long lines, extreme weather and a lot of people. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll see tourists no matter when you visit but visiting during prime time means more people. Traveling during off-season you’ll still be enjoying nice weather, great sights and delicious food. By traveling in the shoulder or off season, you will have far more comfortable weather and you’ll be more likely to experience the sites you’ve been dreaming about, without being overwhelmed by other tourists.

MYTH: Pickpockets are inevitable.

Common travel myth: Pick pocketing

Be smart when you travel. Yes, there’s a chance of being pickpocketed but you could be at home as well. Before traveling find out what types of clothing locals wear and try to blend in. Maybe flip-flops and your Hawaiian shirt aren’t necessary in London. Consider exercising a little extra caution while you are traveling, keep your wallet in your front pocket or wear a cross-body purse. Stay aware and relaxed you are on vacation it should be fun, not stressful.

MYTH: I only know English so I won’t understand anything.

Common travel myth: I don't speak the language

It’s surprising how many cultures speak English. However, pick up a small language book so you’ll know how to say essential phrases in the country’s language. When words fail, remember body language goes a long way.  Use hand signals, facial expressions and pointing, all of which are great a helping communicate. There are a number of resources to help you learn the language from apps to and once you are there try speaking the language, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn and how open people are to helping you learn.


Start planning your dream vacation today.

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