QUIZ: Can You Name These Flags of the World?

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Flags have been around for a long time, but they haven’t always been used to represent countries. Originally flags were created as field signs, or a way to tell friends from foes, in the military. The first country flag was created in 1606 by England and Scotland under the rule of James I. After that many other countries began developing and adopting their own flag. Today ever country has their own flag. Although flags should be unique many countries have flags with similar colors, patterns or symbols. Typically this happens because countries share a similar history, however others are merely coincidence.

People Holding FlagsFacts about flags:

  1. When hung vertically some flags have specific protocols, such as rotating certain elements of the flag
  2. When a national flag is displayed together with any other flags, it must be hoisted first and lowered last
  3. A flag hanging upside down indicates distress
  4. The most popular color on a flag is red – 155 countries use red
  5. The least popular color on a flag is grey – Only 7 countries use grey

Now that you know a little about their history it’s time to test your knowledge on the flags around the world.


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