Playing Pokémon Go as you Travel the World

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Alright trainers, it’s time to grab your Pokéballs, head outside, and explore the world. There are Pokémon out there waiting to be trained and join your team. Walk the local trails, visit museums, see the sights, and enjoy the fresh air as you play Pokémon Go… internationally!

Pokemon Go lure and trainer

Originally released in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, this game is growing in popularity. As the company works to fix their overloaded servers, they’re also releasing the app to the entire world. Currently there are over 26 countries where users can catch these beloved creatures. Whether you are in Iceland, Poland, Germany, or Australia there are gyms to take over, Pokémon to find, and eggs to hatch. See where the latest launches are.


Golduck from Pokemon Go at a Team Valor gym
Seeing the world through Pokémon Go? We want to see your international travel and Pokémon Go adventures as you taste gelato in Rome, hike glaciers in Iceland, or relax on the beach in Australia. Share your photos with us using #PokemonGoToday to receive a $50* off per person promotion code for your next international vacation!

Our team’s been busy catching Pokémon around our office in Seattle, Washington. Here are some of the Pokémon we’ve caught!

Pokemon Go Zubat in the Go-today office

Pokemon Go Pidgey on the patio

Pokemon Go Krabby

Psyduck on the water in Pokemon Go


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