Extend Your Roman Holiday With Sightseeing Near Rome

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It’s called the “Eternal City,” and for good reason. Rome is a study of ancient history, a testament to the genius behind Renaissance art and architectural masters and an icon of one of the oldest Christian religions. Seductive and intriguing, Rome inspires the wanderlust in thousands every year. From touring the Vatican to exploring the Coliseum, there’s much to see and do here. Rome stands as the capital of Italy and a central player in global events throughout recent history.

If you’ve made the decision to tour Rome, the rich history, art and culture of the city will provide ample avenues for exploration, but if you are going to fully grasp the influence and culture of Rome, you may wish to spend some time outside the main city during your visit. After all, you’re spending the money to visit a European destination, why not make the most out of every minute that you’re there by sightseeing near Rome as well? Rome is a central location for many thrilling day trips, so make the most out of your time there by considering some of these popular excursions.

Sightseeing Near Rome - Positano Amalfi Coast

Visit the Positano and Amalfi Coast by High-Speed Train

Rome is a vibrant and active city, but the level of energy is quite high. Take a break from the city scene and travel by high-speed train to Positano and the Amalfi Coast. In Positano, famous beaches are lined with colorful shops where you can pick up a unique souvenir of your Italy trip.

Lounge on the pebbled shore and soak up some Mediterranean sun as you relax and unwind. Behind you, the cliffs are dotted with brightly colored shops and homes, providing breathtaking views. Explore the cafes and boutiques that line the narrow and steep streets as you head into the village. Marvel in the history of a community that was once a poor fishing village but today stands as one of Italy’s favorite quiet tourist spots. Keep your eyes peeled, because this is a popular place for celebrities to vacation!

When you are done exploring for the day, jump back on the high speed train to head back to Rome. You will return rejuvenated and refreshed.

Pompeii Italy - Sightseeing Near Rome

Explore with the Naples and Skip the Lines at Pompeii With Lunch Tour

From medieval castles to classical ruins, you will find it all in Naples, which is just about three hours from Rome via the scenic Sun Route motorway. Here you can tour the city center, which UNESCO has named a World Heritage Site, the San Carlo Opera House, the oldest opera house in Italy, and some of the over 440 historic churches, including the impressive Basilica of San Francesco di Paola. The Royal Palace is another classic site to see here.

Not far from Naples sit the ruins of Pompeii. This well-known site was destroyed by Mt. Vesuvius in 79 A.D., and the lava and ash beautifully preserved the area and even many of its occupants. While a somber reminder of the power of nature, it is a site rich with history that is interesting to explore.

Pompeii is one of the most popular sites in Italy outside of Rome itself, but the lines to get to the ruins can be long. With the right tour, you can skip the lines and enjoy the tour of the ruins without delay. Enjoy lunch at Pompeii, then jump right in to exploration before heading back to Rome for the evening.

Basilica Papale di San Francesco - Sightseeing Near Rome

Go Back to Medieval Times with Assisi & St. Francis Basilica

Throughout Italy you will find a number of sites that date all the way back to Medieval Europe, and Assisi is one of those cities. Located in the heart of Italy, the city of Assisi has carefully preserved the art and architecture of the community, as well as its religious history, and people come from all over the world to visit the city. Plus, It’s close enough to Rome to make an exciting day trip.

In Assisi, many of the sites are religious in nature, as this town was the birthplace of St. Francis. The St. Francis Basilica, with its impressive architecture, is central to a visit to Assisi. Other sites that guests will experience include the Santa Chiara Basilica and the Santa Maria Degli Angeli. No visit to Assisi is complete without a visit to a traditional Italian restaurant for lunch, so come hungry!

Sightseeing Near Rome - Villa d'este Tivoli Italy

Experience Tivoli and Its Villas

While many day trips from Rome are focused on Medieval and church history, in Tivoli, the history dates back to Renaissance times. This town, which once served as a resort to ancient Romans because of its natural beauty and high water quality, was at one time surrounded by Roman Villas. Today, on your day trip you can tour one that still stands, the Villa Adrinana.

After your tour of the Roman Villa, see what Renaissance style looked like as well as you tour the Villa d’Este, which has a stunning terrace garden surrounding the villa itself. Revel in what would have once been a luxury oasis, and enjoy a quick respite from the high energy level of Rome. A day trip to Tivoli takes approximately five hours, so it is easy enough to return to Rome in time for more exploration.

Sightseeing near Rome - Blue Grotto in Italy

Soak Up Some Sun on the Capri Tour With the Blue Grotto and Lunch

Ah, the Isle of Capri – it is the stuff of legend with its colorful houses and shops, Mediterranean waters and beautiful craggy cliffs. After a boat ride to the island, you will spend the day meandering through its shops and eateries. Everywhere you look, bold, bright colors will greet you, and friendly islanders make your visit truly pleasant.

While the architecture and culture of Capri is stunning, one of its most popular attractions is the legendary Blue Grotto. This sea cave is positioned in such a way that sunlight passes through a hole deep underwater to illuminate the cavern in a glowing blue. It is something that feels like it stepped right out of a fairy tale, and your tour will include a visit to the Blue Grotto. Keep in mind that the only way to experience the Blue Grotto is on a row boat!


Each of these tours will add new insight into the culture and history of Italy, and they will make for a memorable addition to your Italian vacation. Remember, when you’re done with your day away from the city, the treasures and culture of Rome await your return.

Do you want to book one of these day trips for your Roman vacation and enjoy sightseeing near Rome? Go-today offers each of these tours, and you can book directly through go-today. Or, if you are booking your trip to Italy with us, ask how you can add one of these day trips to your itinerary.

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