Explore Paris in Three Days

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Planning your itinerary for three nights in Paris, France? A three-night stay gives you a good amount of time to check out the most exciting and awe inspiring sights in the City of Lights. To take advantage of your Parisian vacation, we’ve customized the perfect three-day travel plan that highlights all that the City of Light has to offer. From food to fashion with culture and history in the mix, you will experience the best of Paris with this guide.

Day 1


Arriving into Paris on the first day, you may feel jet lagged and out of sorts. However, thanks to this travel agenda you can travel assured that your excursions are all lined up. On your first day, the best way to overcome any jet lag is to plan the most exciting excursions of the trip. You will be so excited to go visit the sights that little will slow you down.


Start the trip with a light lunch in a Parisian cafe nearest to your accommodations. Food from these local cafes will be fresh, as well as affordable and the perfect way to experience Parisian cuisine. Choose among popular French favorites including a baguette, artisanal French cheeses, croque-monsieur, croissant, and of course French wine. Eat at the cafe or carry your lunch along for a picnic at the most popular attraction in Paris…the Eiffel Tower.


Paris in 3 Days be sure to visit the Eiffel Tower

After enjoying some lunch you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go. Now be sure to start with the Eiffel Tower. It’s at the top of most bucket lists among travelers to Paris. Start with a trip to third floor of the tower to see the best view of the entire expanse of Paris. After taking in the views and snapping a few photos head down to the Siene River for a relaxing river cruise. From the river you’ll have great views of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and more great Paris attractions.

Wind up your first day by taking a stroll along the night scene of the Champs-Élysées, the most famous boulevard in Paris. You’ll be awestruck by the Arc de Triomphe sitting across the main roadway as busy lanes of traffic pass beneath.

Day 2

On your second day of your 3 nights in Paris you goal is to see as many sights as possible without burning out on too many works of art, glasses of French wine, or historical landmarks. To keep things interesting, split your visit into different categories, including a popular, historic district and a world-famous art museum.


Start your day off with a visit to Le Marais, a fashionable, historic district that’s home to an array of bars, boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. The neighborhood’s maze of cobbled streets wind past hidden courtyards, ornate stone buildings, and iconic squares (including Place des Vosges). Le Marais has been the heart of the city’s Jewish Quarter since the 13th century, and still features a number of traditional Jewish delis and bakeries. Make sure you bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes today, as the best way to experience this incredible district is on foot!


Enjoy a filling meal at Coup d’Etat, only 0.1 miles from the Louvre. To help with any traveler’s stomach you are experiencing, this restaurant serves more homely comfort foods, such as salads and burgers. You’ll also find French classics like foie gras and croque-monsieur aka a ham and cheese sandwich.


Louvre in Paris, France - Paris in 3 days

Next up is a tour of the Louvre Museum, or Musee du Louvre, along the Champs-Élysées. This day time excursion also gives you a different perspective of this historic avenue, which is most famous for its luxury shops and rich-and-famous people spotting.

The Louvre is the largest museum in the world and it showcases the most impressive collection of art throughout history. The Mona Lisa portrait by Leonardo da Vinci is perhaps the most famous work of art on display here. Spend as much time as you want touring the Louvre as you’ll never have the time to see it all. Insider’s tip: Use the side entrance at the Porte des Lions to avoid the massive line at the main entrance.


After admiring the artwork and walking some of the Louvre, you’re probably going to hungry. There are a number of restaurants nearby so pick what you are the mood for a try something new. From cafes and a quick bite to fine dining, there’s something for everyone.

Day 3

On your third day in Paris it’s time to set your sights on Mother Nature. Get out of the urban center to indulge in the smells and sounds of Paris.


Luxembourg Gardens - Paris in 3 days

Start at the Luxembourg Gardens, located next to the historical monument of the Pantheon. The gardens is a public park that is open during sunlight hours and is great to visit during every season. As with any city park, you’ll get to see Parisians in their natural setting, going for a jog or playing catch with a dog. The royal setting offers a lovely backdrop to your Paris adventures.


As your final meal in Paris, don’t stop at just one restaurant or cafe. Begin your eating adventure with cocktails at the Le Comptoir du Pantheon. Drinks are affordable and classically French, but the food can be missed. Instead, move on over to La Creperie for an authentic Parisian treat. Indulge in the best crepes in Paris without breaking your traveler’s budget. Best of all, each of these restaurants are within walking distance of the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens, saving you even more on public transportation.


Pantheon in Paris

Now it’s time to head to the Pantheon, a neoclassical architectural must for any tourist. Here you will find the famous Pendulum Clock, as well as a rooftop view of Paris for a small extra fee. This is one of Paris’s least crowded monuments, making a perfectly peaceful way to learn about Paris history without being among the masses. Insider’s tip: If it’s raining, the Pantheon may be closed due to weather.

Finishing up your three nights in Paris, while visiting the top places on your traveler’s bucket list and staying on budget? Now, that is the best way to experience Paris on your next world wind adventure.

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