Discover the Wonders of Nature in These Top Destinations

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While vacations tend to make people think of famous cities and cultural experiences, they also provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. If you’re considering vacations for nature lovers, you have countless options available to you. To plan your trip, consider the type of nature you want to visit – such as the ocean, mountains, forests or rivers – and the part of the world where you’d like to go. To provide inspiration and help guide your decision, here are some ideas of amazing natural destinations to visit:

Take in the Waters of Bali

Vacations for Nature Lovers - Bali Sunset

There’s nothing like beaches and a large body of water to rejuvenate the soul and help a person appreciate the wonder of nature. If this is your scene, try a trip to the shores of Bali. On this Indonesian island, you can spend time relaxing on the beach while taking in the vibrant waters of the Bali Sea or the Indian Ocean.

If you don’t want to sit around for your whole vacation, don’t worry! You have the opportunity for water activities that keep you moving and allow you to explore, such as diving to the coral reefs, surfing the waves or kayaking. Plus, you can visit rice paddies, which offer some of the area’s culture along with natural beauty, and head to this island’s forests and volcanic mountains.

Explore Another World in Iceland

Iceland getaway perfect for nature lovers

If you want nature so amazing and untouched that you feel like you’ve entered another world, take a trip to Iceland. While Reykjavik is the main city of Iceland, it offers plenty of natural wonders to enjoy and explore. You’ll find an exciting mix of hot water and cold air with the steaming geysers, hot springs and volcanic crater lakes. You can soothe your soul and rejuvenate in hot waters while taking in views of snow on top of the mountains.

When you’re not relaxing in your hot bath, you can take hikes up the mountains (or around them for those slightly less adventurous) and see the surrounding natural areas of lava fields, nature reserves, rivers, waterfalls and other wonders of this part of the world. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the Northern Lights and whales soaring out of the water during your extraordinary trip.

Become Acquainted With Wildlife in South Africa

South Africa Vacation for Nature Lovers

If your love of nature extends to the wild animals that dwell within it, you’re sure to love a trip to South Africa. It’s the perfect opportunity for going on that safari you always dreamed of, where you’ll get the chance to come face to face with Africa’s stunning animals, including lions, elephants and Cape buffalo.

Beyond the animals, South Africa will dazzle you with its diverse natural vistas. It’s easy to be surprised by the many different types of natural areas you can experience on this part of the continent. During your trip, you’ll have the chance to take in the amazing Drakensberg peaks, the breathtaking Table Mountain and desert sand dunes, as well as areas for water lovers, such as picturesque beaches on the Indian Ocean and powerful waterfalls.

Travel to the Tropical Paradise of Costa Rica

Arenal - Costa Rica Vacation for nature lovers

The country of Costa Rica in Central America gives you the chance to see and explore an array of natural areas, some of them unbelievably pristine. Visit this area to hike tropical rainforests and catch a glimpse of the wildlife that lives within them, such as monkeys and sloths. You can also visit the beautiful beaches, whether you choose to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean or both.

During an exploration of Costa Rica, you’ll be able to experience volcanoes, waterfalls, mangrove forests and other amazing and protected wild spaces. You’ll step into natural areas practically untouched by people, giving you a full appreciation of what the natural world is capable of and helping you truly get away from everyday life.

Have a Unique Adventure in Australia

Great Barrier Reef a perfect getaway for nature lovers

Australia offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences and adventures for nature lovers. You won’t find a bigger or more lush reef system than Australia’s Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, which you can explore while scuba diving or still enjoy if snorkeling is more your style. You’ll also have the chance to relax on the beaches while soaking in the beauty of the gorgeous waters or to hit the waves on a surfboard.

This country’s land also has plenty of natural wonders to explore and wildlife to encounter. During your trip here, you can visit the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and Uluru, a gorgeous rock formation in the Northern Territory. During your travels, you’ll have fun spotting plenty of unique wildlife you won’t find in natural habitats anywhere else, such as the kangaroo, platypus, wombat and koala.

Visit an Iconic Natural Area With a Trip to Ireland

Slieve League in Ireland - Nature Vacation

If you want to get away to a natural area that feels like it’s from the past, travel to Ireland. The southwest area of Emerald Isle is especially lovely with its endless pastures and hills, filling your sight with beautiful green. Even when you stumble upon a manmade structure, much of it will be charming villages and historical castles that won’t detract from the picturesque natural scenes surrounding them. You can also appreciate Ireland’s amazing manmade gardens, such as the Powerscourt Gardens.

During your trip to Ireland, you’ll also get to view gorgeous water scenes. You can’t miss the coastal cliffs that meet the Atlantic Ocean, such as the Cliffs of Moher, Slieve League and Horn Head. It’s also worth taking a trip to Killarney National Park to see its far-reaching three lakes surrounded by picturesque scenery.

Visit the Epitome of the Natural World

Galapagos Vacation for those who enjoy nature

If visiting the world’s best natural sites is on your bucket list, you have to head to the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador in South America. These volcanic islands are thought of as one of the top spots on the globe for seeing unique wildlife and plant life that you can’t find elsewhere. You’ll have the chance to spot birds such as blue-footed boobies and penguins, as well as giant tortoises, fur sea lions and much more.

On top of the plants and animals you’ll spot on these islands, the views here are incredibly spectacular with the gorgeous water and the interesting landforms created over time from lava. And while you can be amused for hours on end with the many things to spot along the islands, you’ll also have the chance to take part in activities within the natural world, such as snorkeling and kayaking.


Being outside in a beautiful natural environment gives an ideal way to relax and recharge. It can also be a wonderful learning experience, especially for children, and help provide appreciation for the world around us. That’s what makes an outdoor adventure the perfect vacation. We hope our list of vacations for nature lovers inspired some ideas to help you plan an amazing trip. Your adventure awaits.

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