6 International Shopping Destinations You Need to Check Out

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When we think of travel we think of the experience. We don’t think about the shopping we do or the souvenirs we bring home to remind us of the trip. What better way to share those experiences with your friends and family this holiday season?
You can even bring them with you… or just keep everything for yourself.

Swiss Alps

Why go here? Chocolate & Holiday Markets
Ride the chocolate train, walk the Christmas Markets, pick up chocolates, candies and trinkets for your friends and family back home (maybe something extra for yourself, we won’t tell).

Swiss Alps


Why go here? Luxury Shopping & Wine
Designer clothing and some of the best wine in the world can be found in Italy. Find the latest clothing trends in Milan and grab some wine in Tuscany. Your friends will love these gifts.

Tuscany Italy


Why go here? Lower Exchange Rates
Recently there’s been a drop in the exchange rate, which means everything you buy in the UK costs a little less. Shop until your heart (or wallet) is content. Head to Oxford Street to walk between stores like Gap and Gucci, but don’t forget to grab something special for your loved ones back home.

Tower Bridge in London


Why go here? Gold
Walk the the Gold Souk in Dubai to find something for everyone on your list. These markets have a variety of gold options including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and  a number of different colors including white, pink, and green. With over 400 stores, it’s no wonder this place is called the city of gold.

Dubai skyline

Buenos Aires

Why go here? Leather
Argentina has an amazing leather scene, and you’re in luck, because the exchange rate works in your favor. Prune is one store you should visit; they sell almost all types of leather accessories your family will love.

Buenos Aires Bright Buildings


Hong Kong

Why go here? Designer clothes & handbags
Look for the street markets to find clothes and handbags from local designers. These are often young and trendy, but can’t be found in a mall. For a unique shopping experience head to Temple St at night.

Hong Kong Skyline

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