10 Reasons to Add Colombia to Your Travel Bucket List

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Colombia is home to some of the happiest people in the world and is becoming a major tourist destination. This incredible country has something to offer to everyone. Whether you are searching for sand and sun or seeking more of an adventure, like rock climbing or paragliding, Colombia’s got it. Culture, history, and dancing will surround you everywhere you go. You may even be able to show off a few salsa steps when you return home. Don’t sit back and wait to hear what your friends say about Colombia, go out and discover it yourself!

Our reservation agent, Juan, grew up in Colombia and shares these tips with you!

10 reasons why you should visit Colombia:

  • People – Everyone in Colombia is friendly and accepting of visitors. Many of the locals are quick to invite you onto the dance floor to teach you to salsa or share their favorite local authentic cuisine. Make it a point to meet with the locals, learn a new dance move, and grab some cuisine while you are there.
  • Beaches – Colombia has over 300 beaches spread over the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. No matter what you want to do on this beach vacation, you are sure to find it in Colombia. Feel free to kick back with your beach chair, discover the more exclusive tropical beaches, or scuba dive to see some of the most unique fish. When visiting between the months of May and October, ask us which locations are best for whale watching!Colombia Beach
  • Scenery – You can visit one city or a number of different cities; either way you’ll be touched by the beauty across this country. Colombia is home to lush rainforests, like Niquí, in the Chocó region, beautiful coastlines, and rolling mountains. Simply put, where the jungle meets the open ocean.
  • Coffee – Coffee is a staple to the morning for most people. Now you can head out to where one of the most popular types of coffee is made! Colombia has the perfect weather conditions for growing coffee, and you can tour the facilities that produce this “morning must-have”. Learn about the differences in beans from first being planted, to when they arrive in your mug at home. For any coffee lover, a visit to Colombia’s coffee region and savoring the flavor of the different types of coffee produced here is a must. Head for the coffee triangle of Medellin, Pereira, and Manizales for the best coffee experience. If your schedule doesn’t allow for a stop at the Coffee Triangle, be sure to try coffee from various street vendors at the start of each day or throughout the day, you can find it anytime!Coffee Region in Colombia
  • Food – Colombia hosts delicious and unique cuisine, which is difficult to find anywhere else in the world, so be sure to try a few delectable dishes while you are here! Some of the most famous soups include ajiaco, bandeja paisa, and sancocho. If you want a tasty snack, try arepas, tostadas de platanos, or empanadas. Be sure to try some of the best fruits you could ever want; there is a wide variety to choose from. Ask to try lulo, maracuya, or guanaba.Empanadas, Colombia travel food
  • History & Culture – Step back in time as you walk the cobblestone streets and see the colonial architecture. Colombia is a country with a vast history, and you will see and feel it everywhere you go, as you wander through the streets. Cartagena, the first port city, was where the imported good and slaves first arrived. Visit the San Felipe Castle to learn more about the colonial past. This city still thrives on its ancient roots, with the history embedded in the people who live here. As you travel around Colombia, you will notice the differences in culture. From the coast to the mountains, you’ll see a beautiful blend of cultures.Cartagena, Colombia
  • Adventure – If you are looking to do something extreme, Colombia has it! For those who are into extreme sports, head to Barichara where you can paraglide from the mountain tops, or go on hikes, nature walks, or river rafting.
  • Nightlife – Colombia is known for its bustling nightlife, bars, clubs, and incredible entertainment. Stay up late to experience the dancing, games, and drinks that Colombians share. Remember, Colombians are friendly, so be prepared to learn a few dance moves while you are out! Some of the best cities for nightlife include Bogota, Medellin, and Cali.
  • Exchange Rate – The exchange rate between Colombia and the USA is very low right now, which makes flights, hotels, and sightseeing activities very reasonable. Travel to Colombia now to get more bang for your buck!


Insider’s Tip: “The only risk of going to Colombia, is wanting to stay. You will fall in love with Colombia’s natural beauty. My favorite place to go are the hot springs around Cali. If you are lucky enough you can see the condor, Colombia’s national bird, flying around.” – Juan, Reservations AgentCondor from Colombia

Plan your Colombia adventure today! 

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