10 Getaways Perfect for the Mom in Your Life

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A Mother’s Day vacation is the perfect way to show your mom or the mother in your life that you care. Give her something extra special this year with a surprise vacation to somewhere abroad. Whether she would like to travel to Italy and dine with Italian pasta makers or explore the world famous beaches of Brazil on a relaxing getaway, we have you covered. Check out some of the top destinations to send the woman in your life.



Mother's Day Vacations in Italy

Once in Italy your mother will fall in love with the whole experience. From the world’s most renowned art collections in Florence that include Michelangelo’s David to all of the national treasures in Italian museums. If your mother is more into history and culture send her to Italy’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites that include the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Pompeii’s ruins. Don’t forget to tack on the best cities in Italy for fashion including Milan, as a day of shopping among Italian’s fashion houses will be a highlight of her life. While in Rome venture to the holy site of Vatican City where she can experience the wonders of the Sistine Chapel, which is one of the holiest places on earth. A vacation to Italy will treat your mother to all of the finest Italian delights ranging from freshly formed pastas and fine Italian wine to the best tiramisu on the planet.


Mother's Day Vacations in Iceland

For the woman in your life who has traveled from beaches to mountains, and crave something more adventurous,  Iceland beckons. Glacial lakes dotted with icebergs, lava fields, the Northern Lights and 24 hours of day and night are common in Iceland. Set your mom up with a stay in an ice hotel or a spa day in a local hot springs. When she is ready to return to civilization, there is Reykjavik. The vibrant and modern capital city of Reykjavík is a world away from the otherworldly landscape that makes up the majority of this Arctic island.


Mother's Day Vacations in Spain - Valencia at Sunset

From the sun-soaked shores of the Iberian Peninsula to the avant-garde Madrid, Spanish culture infuses throughout this amazing country. Spain is ideal for women who are passionate about food thanks to the birthplace of tapas in Seville, as well as Madrid’s gourmet food scene. Whether you crave authentic Spanish cuisine or want to explore a modern take on an old classic, Spain offers the best meal of your mother’s life. A vacation in Spain is not complete without a trip to the Iberian Peninsula where the woman in your life can bask in the Basque history. If history is her passion, then plan an excursion to the Roman Aqueduct of Segovia, sacred Valencia Cathedral, and Alhambra palace that evokes Moorish roots. A stroll through Barcelona begets the architectural flair of Antoni Gaudi, who had his hand at designing the popular Park Guell, as well as the famous Sagrada Familia church.


Mother's Day Vacations to France

If the woman you love has a travel bucket list, chances are France is on it! Now is your chance to make that dream of seeing the Eiffel Tower, savoring French mussels in a quaint outdoor cafe and indulging in French fashion a reality. France is the mecca of all things culture from fashion to food. However, the real thrill is exploring all of France beyond the glories of Paris. Start with the French Riviera town of Nice followed by travels through France wine country to Bordeaux. The beaches of Normandy, the restaurants of Provence, and the magnificence of Château de Versailles all can be experienced with a trip to France.


Mother's Day Vacations - Austria Getaways

Want to surprise your music loving mom with an out of this world vacation for her Mother’s Day this year? Consider Austria, home of the birthplace of Mozart in Salzburg, as well as the nation responsible for the greatest composers in history including Joseph Haydn, Anton Bruckner and Johann Strauss I. While in Salzburg the backdrop is none less than the famous rolling hills featured in “The Sound of Music.” Here your mother will also experience the grandeur of Hohensalzburg Castle, as well as the 16th century Alpine village of Hallstatt nestled in the mountains lake-side in the Salzkammergut region. Austria’s greatest cities are equally impressive and include the capital city of Vienna, Innsbruck in the Alps, the medieval architecture of Graz and contemporary Linz. Of course, a stay in Austria is remiss if it is without a visit to the Schonbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Imperial Palace.


Mother's Day Vacations - England Getaways - Buckingham Palace this spring

To treat the lady in your life like the true queen she is means to send her to England for this Mother’s Day vacation. What a delight for any royal fan! London calls as the cultural powerhouse that is home to must-see landmarks including Westminster Abbey and Big Ben, as well as Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth may be in residence during your lady’s stay. Venturing out of London the countryside is marked with regal history. From the birthplace of the English kings of rock n’ roll in Liverpool to the megaliths of Stonehenge with a past as mysterious as the royal family itself, England offers the most enthusiastic display of royal grandeur. Any queen will appreciate this destination.

South America


Mother's Day Vacations to South America - Argentina

Rather than buying your wife tango lessons or taking her out for a steak dinner on Mother’s Day, go all out with a trip to Argentina. From the asado country of the Andes foothills to La Boca where tango is top class, the woman in your world will be amazed at the incredible diversity that makes up Argentina. A trip to the capital city of Buenos Aires highlights the multicultural world here thanks to an eclectic mix of indigenous peoples and European influence. Complete your wife’s Argentinian experience with a visit to the world’s largest waterfall system at Iguazú Falls. The sheer magnitude and vibrance of the waterfalls are known for being a spiritual experience.


Mother's Day Vacations to Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is home to world famous beaches, vibrant culture and rainforest backdrop. Whether your mother prefers to lounge on the beach or go hiking, it’s all possible in Brazil. Embracing the multiethnic and rhythmic culture of Brazil starts in Rio de Janeiro, which is home base for the world famous Carnival. From there the Amazon and its diversity of flora and fauna will give your mother the chance to reconnect with nature in one of the most amazing settings on the planet.



Mother's Day Vacations - Singapore

If you want to give your garden loving mom a trip of a lifetime, send her to Singapore. In addition to the gorgeous greenery and alien-like structures, the Gardens by the Bay is a horticultural heaven. From there explore the great outdoors in the newest hotspot, Punggol Waterway Park, along with hiking trails and nature reserves. After getting her fill of sunshine send your mom shopping in the prestigious Singapore skyscrapers. Sentosa, home of Universal Studios, the Trick Eye Museum and Dolphin Island round out a nature lover’s dream vacation.


Japan Mother's Day Vacations

Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo…if those cities make up the lifelong travel dreams of your mom, it’s time to surprise her with a trip to Japan. Here she’ll be immersed in one of the most technologically advanced societies. Robotics is just the beginning of this outstanding entertainment hub. However, Japan is equally as impressive for its history. Spiritual landmarks and ancient religious traditions are found at Kamigamo, a Shinto shrine, as well as the Saiho-ji Zen temple. Mount Fuji overlooks the equally colossal Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, while Japanese cherry blossoms breathe pink life into the landscape.

These Mother’s Day vacations offer something more than a diamond ring, a designer purse or a fancy dinner out. Give the woman in your life the opportunity to enhance her life with a travel itinerary to one of these magnificent destinations.

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