10 Getaways Perfect for the Mom in Your Life

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For all she’s put up with over your lifetime—boatloads of dirty diapers, endless schlepping to and from soccer practice and piano lessons—your mom (or the mother in your life) deserves a little pampering. With Mother’s Day hovering just over the horizon, now’s your chance to go all-out. Send her to Paris to learn the art of the croissant making, or pamper her with a trip to the sun-drenched beaches of Spain. It’s her day, and she’s more than worth it. Here are some destinations that won’t disappoint:



From world-renowned art collections to sapphire seas and sumptuous wines, Italy is, simply put, a dream come true. Is your mom into history? Send her on a tour of Rome’s Colosseum or the ruins of Pompeii. Does she want an art-inspired itinerary? You can’t go wrong with a trip to Florence to see Michelangelo’s David at the Galleria dell’Accademia. What about food and wine? Treat her to a pesto making course in Cinque Terre or a wine tasting on a Tuscan vineyard. And don’t forget the fashion and shopping in Milan, the sensational views on Lake Como, or the hiking trails through the Dolomites.


Iceland is the ultimate adventure. Glacial lakes, lava fields, waterfalls, ice caves, geysers, black sand beaches—the list is practically endless. Treat your mom to a tour of the famous Golden Circle or give her the gift of indulgence with a soak in the Blue Lagoon. Maybe she’d rather go whale watching from Reykjavik or stay up all night in search of the Northern Lights. Whether she’s learning about the history of Reykjavik on a city tour, exploring the landscapes of Snaefellsnes National Park, or feeling the spray from the Svartifoss Waterfall, your mom will absolutely love Iceland.


Is your mom looking for medieval palaces? Craggy coastlines? Sandy, golden shores, magnificent architecture, and a cuisine that’s almost too good to be true? If so, Spain should be in her future. Where else can she take in a traditional flamenco show or sample tapas to her heart’s content? Send her to Seville to tour the Royal Alcázar, or to the Costa del Sol to lounge on the beach or explore by bike. From Gaudí‘s whimsical creations in Barcelona to the bustling markets of Madrid, Spain is a place where travel dreams go to flourish.


You’d be hard-pressed to find a wanderlusting mom whose dream itinerary does not include France—the most-visited country on Earth. Now is your chance to help her discover the wonders of the Louvre, explore the hilltop villages of Provence, and bask in the splendor of the chateaus of the Loire Valley. Send her to experience the iconic Mont-St-Michel or wander the gardens of Monet’s home in Giverny. There’s also the glistening coast of the Riviera, the hallowed ground of Normandy, and all that wine waiting to be tasted in Burgundy and Bordeaux.


Why not surprise your music-loving mom with a trip to the birthplace of Mozart? Austria brought us the genius of Joseph Haydn, Anton Bruckner, and Johann Strauss I, and now it can bring your mom a lifetime of incredible memories. In Salzburg, she can tour the grand Hohensalzburg Castle or visit her favorite destinations from “The Sound of Music.” Vienna has the imperial Schonbrunn and Hofburg Palaces. Then there’s picturesque Alpine Innsbruck, medieval Graz, and contemporary Linz.


Westminster Abbey. Big Ben. Lake District National Park. The White Cliffs of Dover. The sights of merry old England are are about as vast and exhilarating as it gets. Treat your mom to a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or of the Beatles‘ old stomping grounds in Liverpool. How about a trip to Oxford and the quaint Cotswolds? Whether your mom is picnicking on the coast of Cornwall, perusing the treasures of the Tate Modern, or wandering the sleepy streets of Bath, she’s sure to fall in love with enchanting England.

South America


Rather than buying your wife tango lessons or taking her out for a steak dinner on Mother’s Day, go all out with a trip to Argentina. From the asado country of the Andes foothills to La Boca where tango is top class, the woman in your world will be amazed at the incredible diversity that makes up Argentina. A trip to the capital city of Buenos Aires highlights the multicultural world here thanks to an eclectic mix of indigenous peoples and European influence. Complete your wife’s Argentinian experience with a visit to the world’s largest waterfall system at Iguazú Falls. The sheer magnitude and vibrance of the waterfalls are known for being a spiritual experience.


From the sun-warmed sands of Copacabana beach to rich biodiversity of its rainforest, Brazil is an experience unlike any other. Here your mom can spot scarlet macaws in the Amazon or take a cable car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. Don’t forget about Iguazu Falls, the stained glass Mercado Municipal, or the flash of Rio’s iconic Carnival.



Does your mom want a vacation filled with glowing Supertrees, exotic produce markets, and mouthwatering seafood? Take her to Singapore! Here she can explore the sensational Gardens by the Bay or peruse the shops and restaurants in Chinatown. She can ride a bike through Punggol Waterway Park or commune with the creatures in the Singapore Zoo. Then there’s Sentosa— the home of Universal Studios, the Trick Eye Museum, and Dolphin Island. Your mom can ride the Flyer—the largest observation wheel in Asia—or admire the brightly colored houses along Koon Seng Road.


Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo. If these city names bring a sparkle to your mother’s eyes, it’s time to surprise her with a trip to Japan. Here, futuristic technological inventions stand in stark contrast to a civilization that has existed for thousands of years. Treat your mom to a food tour of Tokyo or visit the lakes at the foot of glorious Mt. Fuji. Everything from Shinto shrines and cherry blossoms to sumo wrestling, hot springs, and heavenly sushi await your mom in the Japanese archipelago.

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