Escape to Europe for Your Thanksgiving Break

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Aren’t you getting a little tired of the same old seasonal holiday routine? Thanksgiving is a great time to break out of your rut. More and more people are treating themselves with Thanksgiving Getaways to Europe. Why? The weather is beautiful, the summer crowds have dispersed, and you won’t need to spend too much of your vacation time since Thanksgiving is already a four day weekend for most people. A Thanksgiving getaway is a fun way to get a taste of the jet-setting lifestyle.

Art, Adventure, and Amazing Food in All Four Corners of Europe

Destination: Paris

Eiffel Tower in Paris - Thanksgiving Getaways

The weather in Paris can be temperamental during this season, so check the forecast before you head out.  You may want to be prepared with a good jacket or umbrella in case of rain.

The Louvre is one of the city’s most famous attractions.  It hosts a wide variety of exhibitions throughout the year, and there is both a museum and gardens included with your ticket price as well.

During the day, check out some of the City of Light’s shopping scene in the Tuileries district. There you can find famous name brands alongside perfumes, makeup, and skin care products.

Meanwhile, history buffs will love the Arc de Triomphe and the Avenue des Champs-Élysées area.  The Avenue is a 2 kilometer long that features shops, historical architecture, and plays hosts to famous events like the Bastille Day Parade and the ending stretch of the Tour de France.  At the western end of the Avenue is the  Arc de Triomphe.  This 50 meter tall monument is built in a classic style with Roman influences and is a tribute to the victims of the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution.

No trip to Paris is complete without a visit to the Eiffel Tower.  Built in 1889, this tower is the tallest building in the city and one of the most visited attractions on the whole continent.  Consider visiting in the afternoon and staying throughout the evening.  This lets you appreciate the change in the skyline over sunset.  Inside the tower is the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant that offers the best stunning views of the city, day or night.

Plan your vacation to Paris, France today.

Destination: London

London Thanksgiving Getaways

London’s Tube metro system is comprehensive and is probably the easiest way to get around this sprawling city.  Be sure to pick up a copy of London’s official metro map which also mentions walking distances between locations.

In the morning, catch the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, which happens every other day at 10:45 AM.  You can also get a tour of several paces in the palace itself, including the State Rooms, which are still in use by the royal family for official visits, as well as the Queen’s Gallery.

On a clear afternoon, have some retro fun at the Coca-Cola London Eye. This observation wheel lets you sightsee up to 40 kilometers as your capsule moves along a circular track.

London is a mecca for art and culture, with amazing offerings like the British Museum and the Tate gallery. Both of these places offer a huge number of exhibits and displays, and you can easily spend several hours or longer there so these an ideal place to visit on a rainy day.

Finally, get your photo taken with members of the royal family and cuddle up with Benedict Cumberbatch … at Madame Tussaud’s in London. You can decide whether or not to tell envious friends that these are photo-realistic wax figures.

Plan your vacation to London, England today.

Destination: Prague

Prague Thanksgiving Getaways

Prague is famous for being a crossroads between Eastern and Central Europe.  The city itself has a long and colorful history, and this can be seen in its countless historical buildings and unusual attractions.  Getting around is easy: the center of the city is compact and well-served by a straightforward network of Metro lines and streetcars.

Prague Castle is visible from many locations in the city and draws people in with its remarkable Gothic architecture and the cathedral’s gorgeous, Art Nouveau-influenced interior. From there, you can explore the castle gardens or cross the Charles Bridge and enter Old Town. While you’re there, don’t miss the Prague Clock’s in old town square for its hourly show of music, wandering saints, and a dancing skeleton.

From Staropramen to Pilsner, the Czech Republic is synonymous for amazing beer. Sample these, along with dozens of local microbreweries’ best, at the three floor Zly Casy pub. For a more substantial and traditional Czech meal of dumplings, potato pancakes, roasts, and saurkraut, get a meal at Kolkovna. Meanwhile, adventurous diners love the unusual decor at the Triton restaurant, where Art Nouveau elements mingle with a stalactite cavern.

For a final must-see stop before you leave the city, visit the Alfons Mucha museum.  Mucha is the Czech Republic’s most famous artist and his whimsical Art Nouveau pieces are sure to interest visitors of all ages.

Plan your vacation to Prague, Czech Republic today.

Destination: Rome

Rome, Italy Thanksgiving Getaways

Due to traffic, taxis are both expensive and impractical.  Fortunately, Rome has a robust public transportation network that includes both Metro and city bus lines.

The first stop on your Roman holiday should be to the Colosseum, whose time-weathered walls still echo with the spectacular and bloody fights staged there to delight the ancient Romans.  Don’t forget to stop by the Roman Forum, located just outside the Colosseum, to see the ruins of the Arch of Titus and the Temple of Vespa.

You can also take side trips to the Vatican and gaze on Michaelangelo’s masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel.  After visiting, you can continue the cultural trend with a stop by the Santa Maria in Trastevere.  This is one of the oldest churches in the city, built around 340 AD, and its walls feature brilliant murals depicting Biblical scenes.

Finally, Rome is almost as famous for its fountains as for art, making Trevi Fountain a must-see attraction. This site epitomizes the Baroque philosophy of ‘more is more’ with a degree of detail and decadence that makes it unforgettable.

After a long day’s sightseeing, try some fine cuisine. What about Pizza? Italians have taken what Americans consider ‘junk food’ and elevated it with refined ingredients and amazing combinations. Check out Pierluigi Roscioli’s artisanal creations at the Emma restaurant. Also, every tourist needs to try a scoop of traditional Gelato, that world-famous icy dessert with densely packed flavor in every spoonful. Some of the best is at the Gelateria dei Gracchi, popular with locals and tourists alike.

Plan your vacation to Rome, Italy today.

Take a Thanksgiving Vacation for Memories of a Lifetime

From Northern Europe’s London to Rome in the south, from Paris shining in the west to Eastern Europe’s treasured city of Prague, you’ll step off the plane into a glittering world of romance, culture, and adventure. This year, why not break out of your rut and have a European adventure? Your Thanksgiving getaways to Europe will give you plenty to talk about during the Christmas holidays!

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