Best Vacations to Take Around the Holidays

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Trying to find that perfect gift for a special someone is a tall order. Do you buy your dad another neck tie? Will your mother appreciate another coffee mug? If this sounds like you, you aren’t alone! If you are tired of spending hour after hour shopping for gifts that are only going to be tossed to the side, we want to help! In the search for a gift that will never be forgotten, consider a dream vacation. Holiday family vacations, couples vacations, and solo adventures offer unlimited thrills, adventures, memories, and experiences. But how do you choose the perfect travel package? Check out these premium international holiday vacations for ideas and inspiration.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve Abroad


If you want to ring in the New Year in style, go abroad to Ireland to spend New Year’s in Dublin. You will get to experience the clock striking midnight and all the festivities that New Year’s brings all while in the same atmosphere as many literary greats from Ireland. Grab a pint of Guinness and view festive fireworks as part of an incredible New Year’s Eve you’ll never forget. Enjoy a bottle of sparkling wine to accompany the sparklers in the sky. Breakfast is included along with hotel accommodations and airfare to ensure you are able to relax and rejuvenate as the New Year rolls in.

New Year's Eve in Dublin


Interested in dancing the night away? Explore some of the world’s greatest parties this New Year’s Eve with New Years in Prague. If you want to have a New Year’s celebration in one of the biggest party cities in Europe, Prague is where it’s at. The lively city’s cafes, dance clubs and parks offer dozens of exciting events for this holiday. Stay for six nights as you learn about Prague’s long history that includes luxurious and intricate architecture.
New Year's in Prague

Get Your Valentine a Gift of Love

Paris & Milan

When you think of a romantic international getaway to spend with your loved one, Paris is a must. Imagine spending Valentine’s Day in the birthplace of romance. Indulge in French culture, including fine arts, luxurious shopping and delicious cuisine. The Musee National d’Art Moderne, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Arenes de Lutece provide plenty of sightseeing during the day. Follow up every evening of your Valentine’s trip with a romantic dinner and a bottle of French wine. But don’t stop there. Add Milan, Italy to your agenda for a well-rounded and uber romantic retreat. Whether you are interested in architecture, art, history or food, Milan has it all. Explore fashion houses in both Milan and Paris, while you indulge in European shops. 

Milan Italy and Paris France vacation

Bali & Gili

When it comes to the most romantic tropical destination for holiday vacations, Bali is at the top of the list for most travelers. Bali is an Indonesian island, also known as the Island of the Gods, and for good reason. From its gorgeous beaches and coral reefs to its religious sites and meditation retreats, Bali has everything you need to unwind and reconnect. Bring your Valentine to Bali for a Valentine’s vacation that will be unforgettable.

Bali Vacation Getaway

Celebrate Halloween in a Spooky Destination

Dublin & Belfast

Spend your holiday exploring some of the most historic and haunted stops in Dublin and Belfast. When you are traipsing through castles, like Dublin Castle or the massive Kilmainham Gaol prison, you can’t help but pick up the aura of past residents. Continue your Halloween excursion with the Ulster Museum, along with St. George’s Market, where you’ll get to mix and mingle with the locals. While in Ireland, make sure to ask a local about the origin of Halloween and learn a great deal about the origins of All Hallow’s Eve. In fact they celebrate this holiday three different ways on October 31, so make sure to ask about Samhain while here during this time.

Bali Vacation Getaway

Paris, Rome, Florence & Venice

If you are looking for a European getaway for Halloween, consider an adventure to Paris, Rome, Florence, and Venice. When in Paris, explore the spooky catacombs that run beneath the City of Light. It is the perfect haunted adventure for any true Halloween fanatic. Travel onto Rome to check out the Colosseum, where scores of slaves and fighters alike died. If you hear or see anything ghostly, don’t be surprised. While in Florence and Venice, you are surrounded by ancient sites that are rich with history. Grab some Italian gelato to nosh on while you romp through the stone covered streets on Halloween. The best part about experiencing Halloween in Europe, is that you get a chance to see how the rest of the world experiences this fun holiday!

Tour Europe

Skip Cooking for Thanksgiving

Dubai & Milan

Skip cooking this season and travel to somewhere exotic. Dubai is just about the most exotic place you can experience. During a trip to this fabulous city in the United Arab Emirates, discover the rich and luxurious culture of Dubai. Explore the world’s tallest building, the intricately designed man-made islands, beaches, spas, and Arabic heritage. It will leave you feeling thankful for the opportunity to get to explore such a fantastic and modern Middle Eastern locale. But don’t stop in Dubai, as we offer a package for Dubai and Milan. The two cities combined will offer a wide variety of shopping! Milan, the Italian city, fabulously known for its fashion and art, will amaze you. From high-end restaurants to Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” you will have all of the fixings for a fantastic Thanksgiving without all of the work.

Dubai & Milan Vacation Package

Bogotá, Medellín & Cartagena

For a South American adventure, check out a trip to Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena in Colombia. Indulge in a 10-night adventure in this old world country. As you savor the tastes of Thanksgiving, take time to sample Colombian coffee. Our package includes a stay in the Coffee Region of Colombia, where you will see the beans in all their glory before tasting a cup or two. While in Colombia, you will get to experience the local cuisine for your Thanksgiving dinner, which will certainly be a meal worth remembering for years to come.

Colombia Vacation

Escape the Christmas Blues

Copenhagen & Reykjavik

Not everyone enjoys Christmas at home. That’s why we offer a number of Christmas travel packages featuring holiday vacation deals. Experience Copenhagen and Reykjavik for some of the most enchanting holiday outings. Copenhagen is one of the most popular Christmas cities, thanks to the Tivoli Gardens’ Christmas market. Make sure to pack an extra piece of luggage in order to take all of your Christmas treasures back home. Reykjavik is recognized around the world as one of the top cities to see during Christmas. In addition to the Northern Lights that add magic to the air, you can also experience ice skating and the lighting of the Oslo Christmas tree. 

Copenhagen & Reykjavik Trip

London, Paris, Rome & Amsterdam

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one, we offer a great package to gift for the holidays, London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam. Where to begin? In addition to the City of Lights, that is simply magical for the holiday season, you get to explore London for a tour of Windsor Castle. Over in Rome, your adventures will include a cooking class and a visit to the Vatican. Once in Amsterdam, your holiday will be rich with experiences from the Anne Frank Museum in her historic home, followed by a trip to the Van Gogh Museum to see Vincent’s art in all its glory. You will return home with more Christmas spirit than can be contained. 

European Vacation Package from go-today

Treat your Mother or Father on Their Special Day

London & Rome

Are you tired of buying flowers and ties for your parents on Mother’s and Father’s Day? Skip the typical gifting and give your parents something that they will never forget. How about holiday family vacations to London and Rome? We offer a 3-night package that is perfect for parents with busy schedules. Imagine if your mother could explore the location where Downton Abbey was filmed. Perhaps your father would be thrilled with a historical excursion to Bath or Cambridge. After London your parents will be whisked away to Rome for a whirlwind experience that includes the art of the Vatican, the ancient ruins of Palatine Hill, and Mediterranean cooking classes for two. They will leave with a romantic experience they will never forget. 

London & Rome Trip

Paris & Amsterdam

Want to send your parents away to somewhere popular? Check out our 3-night package to Paris and Amsterdam, two of the most visited cities in the world. They’ll start they vacation in Paris, France where they can enjoy a romantic dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower, admire the stunning artwork in the Louvre and take a river cruise along the Seine. Next,  your parents will traipse along Amsterdam’s canals, or test their luck on riding bicycles amongst the locals. A tour to the Dutch country where century-old windmills line the horizon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You will be the apple of your parents’ eyes after gifting this great adventure.

Paris & Amsterdam European Getaway

Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary in Love

Bangkok & Phuket

As anniversaries go, you want to make the most of them. Start by gifting your partner with a surprise vacation to Bangkok and Phuket. Go off the beaten path with this tropical adventure. Explore ancient temple ruins including What Pho, and check out the Grand Palace architecture with your special someone in Bangkok. Over in Phuket, you can kick back and relax, thanks to white sandy beaches and aqua blue water at this popular tourist destination. Add in some adventure with windsurfing lessons with your mate. If you want to make even more memories, visit a crocodile farm, tour an aquarium and check out a butterfly garden in Phuket.

Bangkok & Phuket Thailand Adventure

Athens, Mykonos, Santorini & Crete

Imagine spending two weeks surrounded by Grecian glories. That is what you will get when you take the Greek Island Journey. Travel from Athens and Mykonos to Santorini and Crete. Along the way, you will experience some of the world’s most ancient sites, including the Temple of Poseidon and the Parthenon. While on your anniversary trip, spend your evenings enjoying the finest night life that Mykonos has to offer. By day, you and your partner can lounge and take in the view of Santorini beaches surrounded  by Greek isles. This is one of the most memorable vacations you can take for an anniversary. It is an ideal way to rekindle romances and celebrate many more years to come.

Greek Island Vacation

Have a Happy Birthday with a Trip Around the World 

London, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Florence, Rome & Barcelona

Whether you want to treat someone special on their birthday, or you have a notable birthday coming up yourself, we have the perfect vacation packages for you. Consider the Extended Best of Europe package that takes you through the best that Europe has to offer that will allow you to make the most of your time and money abroad. You will get to explore London, Paris, Brussels, Munich, Florence, Rome and Barcelona on this 16-night package. Experience culture, cuisine and world famous cities as you hop from country to country across Europe. You will travel by rail and train as you explore the most popular spots in Western Europe.

Extended Best of Europe Vacation Package

Cape Town & Kruger Safari

If you want something a bit more exotic for your birthday adventure, consider our Cape Town and Kruger Safari. That’s right, this travel package takes you to South Africa, where you will experience a safari adventure. You will begin in Cape Town along the southern coast of Africa, where you’ll be surrounded by mountains and beaches. Start your safari here, by checking out the African penguins of the area. If you are looking for shopping opportunities, the Port of Cape Town offers the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. This is a row of luxury shopping destinations that is also one of the biggest tourist attractions in Cape Town. As for your African safari, be prepared to see the big game. From rhinos and lions to elephants and cheetahs, you will never forget your experiences at Kruger Park. 

South Africa Trip with African Safari

Gifting International Holiday Vacations

Now you have some great gift ideas for your upcoming holidays or special occasions. Travel offers more than just a boxed gift. When you travel, you are opening your eyes and mind to the world outside of your own. It changes you for the better and educates you as you become a world traveler. So the next time you can’t think of a gift idea for someone special, think of international holiday vacations. It’s the only gift you can give that will offer the greatest reward on your investment.

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