Best Vacations to Make the Most of Your Spring Break

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Spring break is on its way, and this year, you’re determined to make the most of it. There’s no better way to do that than with an international vacation, and while a week might not seem like enough time to globe trot, it absolutely is. In fact, you can optimize your trip to visit multiple countries and truly experience the world in just the few short days between terms, so why wouldn’t you?

Of course, international adventuring isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition; You’ve got to find the trip that works for you. That’s why we provide so many different spring break destinations, perfectly suited to a wide variety of interests and specific personality types, listed below. Whether you love to hit the beach, prefer adventuring or lazing about, or love culture and architecture, you’ll find the right options here.

So search for your cup of tea below and pick the one that works perfectly for you, that way you’ll come home with some excellent memories, rejuvenated and ready to head back to school. You’re about to find out just how amazing seven nights can be … let’s get started.

The Free Spirit: The Czech Republic

Nothing beats Prague for beauty or for rich literary history that breaks societal bounds. From well-maintained riversides to beautiful squares, you’ll love taking in this city’s gorgeous sights. You can soak up a lifetime’s worth of literary adventure here, reading at cafés, visiting bookstores and learning more about great figures such as Kafka, and all within the bounds of Old Town. Naturally, you don’t have to confine yourself to the Czech Republic’s capital city. Leave for a day (or two) and explore pristine medieval towns such as Cesky Krumlov.

Clock Tower Prague - Spring Break Escape

Dancing House Czech Republic - Spring Break Escape

Cesky Krumlov in Czech Republic - Spring Break

The Sightseeing Addict: Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu and Buenos Aires

If you love taking in the tourist hits and want to learn more about the wild world in South America, this trip is for you. Goodbye, Niagara Falls … hello Iguazu Falls, one of the most dazzling natural spots in the world. There, you’ll catch an endless vista of pouring water, the biggest example of which is the Devil’s Throat, at over 250 feet. When you’re done there, visit Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires, soaking up sun and surf at the beach, shaking your booty at samba school, and dancing the night away in a variety of nightclubs. Highlights include wine, steak, and a variety of leather goods.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Spring Break 2018

Iguazu Falls - Spring Break 2018

Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Spring Break 2018 Vacation

The Architect: Hungary

 In Hungary, you’ll find an endless supply of medieval architecture, from Buda Castle (built in the 13th century) to the Hungarian State Opera House (built post-Renaissance). You won’t lack for opportunities to view art at Budapest’s many museums, nor places to eat and drink to your heart’s content. When you’re ready to escape the capital, you can find more of the same in cities such as Debrecan, also brimming with cultural history and delectable food.

Buda Castle in Hungary - Spring Break Vacation

State Opera House in Budapest - Spring break

Parliment in Budapest Hungary - Spring Break 2018

The Tropical Explorer: Bali and Gili

Everyone knows that Bali’s sweeping rice terraces and steaming rainforests are among the world’s most beautiful sights. But did you know equally lovely beachy beauty lies figuratively around the corner? The nearby Gili islands make the perfect complement to your Balinese vacation, offering sunny climes, horseback riding, and excellent food. Go from orchid gardens to white sand beaches and back in less than a week, basking in one of the Pacific’s most stunning examples of the tropics. Of course, that’s not to take away from Bali’s splendor. With one of the richest rice-growing regions in the world, you’ll see amazing examples of rice terracing as far as the eye can see. One hillside can sometimes have as many as 20 terraces on it, stepped down and stretching for hundreds or thousands of feet.

Bali Spring Break 2018

Indonesia Vacation Spring Break

Beach spring break 2018 Bali

The Budding Historian: London & Reykjavik

If you love history, these towns are for you. London was born a millennia ago, before the Roman Empire even took it over. London’s many landmarks prove its antiquity, from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament to Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey. Glimpse the grounds where the royals play before heading to get some tea, and soak up art at the Tate Modern. After one last basket of fish and chips, catch a plane to nearby Reykjavik, Iceland, where you can spend your time visiting the Culture House museum, checking out historic seaports and rooftops, and eating traditional Icelandic dishes such as whale. What?? Yes. Whale.

Big Ben in London, England - Spring Break Adventure 2018

Reykjavik Iceland - Spring Break Getaway

Iceland Waterfall - Spring Break 2018

The Culture Lover: Bangkok and Phuket

Not too far from lovely Bali, Thailand also has a rich history of culture. Whether you’re there for beautiful examples of religious architecture such as Wat Arun and Wat Pho (where you’ll encounter the famous reclining Buddha) or would prefer to take in views of the royal palace, Bangkok has sophistication extraordinaire. Trade those well-maintained views in for the more hectic, but definitely more fun, bustle of Khaosan Road, exploding with street food, textiles and jewelry. When you’re done there, go find a sandy retreat in Phuket, which is sunny and surfy and absolutely delightful. Try a windsurfing class, go diving or tour an old tin mine. Whatever you do, don’t forget to visit the butterfly garden.

Patong beach in Phuket Thailand - Spring Break

Marble Temple in Bangkok Thailand - Spring Break Getaway 2018

James Bond Island near Phuket Thailand - Spring Break 2018

The Adventurer: Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the poster child of all Central America has to offer. Start in San Jose, which has both traces of its pre-Columbian heritage and many examples of Colonial architecture. Check out the Gold Museum, which brings that pre-Columbian history to true life with more than 1600 golden artifacts. When you’re done soaking up the ancient history, head to Arenal, a very active volcano, where you may experience some scary-in-a-good-way rumblings, horseback riding and natural splendor. You’ll also find hot springs and another butterfly garden … also unable to be missed. From there, head onward to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Navigate through tall trees on this “green mountain” (the translation of Monteverde) and visit some of the country’s best-preserved wildlife habitats. You won’t find a better nature tour anywhere. When you’re done there, check out the beaches for windsurfing and sunning yourself.

Costa Rica Zip Lining - Spring Break 2018

Costa Rica - Arenal Volcano - Spring Break Vacation

Costa Rica Beach Vacation - Spring Break

Make Your Trip Your Own: Build Your Vacation 

Don’t see anything that feels exactly like you? No problem. We’re happy to help you customize a trip so that it fits your exact specifications. Most of our packages start at less than $1,000, and we can help you craft one for around the same price. There’s no reason you should have to drain your bank account to travel. Instead, talk to us about finding a travel package that will work for you.

South Africa - Spring Break

Dubai UAE Spring Break 2018 Vacation

Norway Fjord - Spring Break 2018


So next time you get a break from school – whether it’s spring, summer or winter – use it wisely. These spring break destinations spark a lifetime of memories, but only take a few days. You’ll come home with a head full of culture, new recipes to try and a much more relaxed attitude with which to tackle the next term.

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